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Transitions: Exploring the Complexities of Home and Identity

On 23rd of March 19:00 at gallery Ideas block – Kompresorinė there will be an exhibition „Transitions: Exploring the Complexities of Home and Identity“ opening. Exhibiting arists: Darya Korolkova (Belarus), Ula Kociūtė (Lithuania), Kristaps Priede (Latvia). From three different perspectives through the power of visual stories, the meaning of home, identity and uprootedness will be explored.

Discover a thought-provoking exhibition that delves into the complexities of identity and belonging. Three distinct artistic projects explore the concept of home, both as a source of comfort and discomfort, and the experience of uprootedness in its various forms.
Evocative visual poetry of „Another Place“ by Kristaps Priede explores the complex relationship between identity and genius loci, through the story of Latgale: its special character and the culture of the local people.
Immersive multi-layered project by Darya Korolkova – „Home, Uncanny Home!“ challenges our notions of home and belonging, inviting to rethink our roots and self-identity.
„In Search of Home“ – an impactful embroidered photo series by Ula Kociūtė tells an intimate and yet timeless universal story of homesickness, examining the struggles of finding a sense of home and belonging in a new place and country.
Join this journey of discovery and reflection, exploring the meaning of home, identity, and uprootedness through the power of visual stories.

2023-03-23 19:00 - 2023-04-20
Free admission
Free Admission, Exhibitions
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