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Exhibition “Motifs of the old Žvėrynas”

Exhibition of E. Martinaitytė paintings includes images of her beloved Žvėrynas district. 22 paintings are exhibited which depict various wooden houses and different historical perspectives of Žvėrynas. Some of these paintings present repetitive images of the same house, but in different seasons, some can reveal no more existing historical buildings. Mostly, E. Martinaitytė’s paintings are snapshots of authentic and beloved, also sometimes nostalgic Žvėrynas.

Exhibition also presents a documentary of Žvėrynas. It was filmed in 1998 and created by Vytautas Damaševičius and Juozas Matonis. Movie presents Žvėrynas in its authentic form, still with many historical wooden buildings and snapshots of everyday life of still very young independent Lithuania.

Eugenija Martinaitytė – an engineer-economist, doctor of social sciences, associate professor. Since 1979, she has been attending the „Paletė” painting studio, led by R. Z. Bičiūnas. After joining the community of Vilnius region folk art creators, she actively engaged in exhibition activities. In 2015, the author was granted the title of art creator.

This event is part of Vilnius 700 programme.

2023-03-14 - 2023-04-08
Free admission
700 Vilnius, Free Admission, Exhibitions
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