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Just Dance at La Birra Pub

Join us every Tuesday for Just Dance Xbox Kinect night! During the evening, we will dance to a track of your choice from the Just Dance game, which is played on the Xbox console. With over 600 songs, you’re sure to find your favourite!
Why sit at home and be bored when you can have a fun Tuesday night at La Birra Pub!!!

2023-03-28 23:30
2023-04-04 23:30
2023-04-11 23:30
2023-04-18 23:30
2023-04-25 23:30
2023-05-02 23:30
2023-05-09 23:30
2023-05-16 23:30
2023-05-23 23:30
2023-05-30 23:30
La Birra PUBVilniaus g. 29
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