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Hello, spring birds!
So the snow has finally “melted” and the sun is not so shy anymore!
Even though it’s still cold outside, we can definitely smell the spring waking up!

without further ado,
Let’s wake up together!
Let us rise from the ground as first spring sprouts and bloom in the most authentic colors we possibly can! Let’s pollinate each other with the always amazing energy of love and acceptance during this addition of Dramatica!

To help achieve that, we have invited a diverse group of wonderful, authentic, humorous, and colorful queens to help you find inner blooming inspirations!

Our first flower La Veuve comes all the way from Brussels! She is hairy and sarcastic, and besides that, deliciously caustic! Don’t get tricked by her harmonious and sweet cabaret looks!
Her beard is as sharp as her tongue and she takes the femme fatale concept to the next level.

Now in search of the most beautiful blooms, let’s Move to the UK!
Here we find notorious Narcissist and Eccentric Egomaniac Me
A master of lip sync, self-love, and her own authentic glamour.

next up is our monochromatic flower Veronica!

Hidden in Belgian forests, she attracts us with her bright colors and naive stupidity.
on top of that she is manic, emotional, and very crafty!
if you wanna imagine what to expect from her, just imagine a gay teen in his room, who is dancing in front of the tv while watching MTV.

Some flowers are here not just to be pretty! This Polish garden flower has thoughts of her own and likes to express her mind and stand for what she thinks is necessary!
dragtivist Twoja Stara is a glam clown that is inspired by everything that made her a monster: a musical, a B-class cinema, and a society that is unpleasant for queer people.

And of course, this flower party can not happen without our narcissistic and energetic bloomina Miss Plastica!  She is ready to flirt and have fun while taking care of good energy in the room!
She is also ready to show off her new outfits from Humana and she made sure that this time there will be enough blooms for everyone.

Our hummingbird Gyvatnesis will make sure that sounds will be pleasurable and harmonious without avoiding great dance beats that you will be able to enjoy during the breaks!

00:00 - 00:00
Club “Soho”Švitrigailos g. 7/16
from 15.00 Eur
Purchase tickets at:
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