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Vivo Mexico! Vivo Amor! | Theatrical dance show

Vivo Mexico! Vivo Amor
It will be the most colorful party in Lithuania.
At the beginning of the evening, guests will be greeted by a DJ, a Mexican drink and a photographer. We guarantee that you won’t want to stop taking pictures.

In the main part of the event, you will see three different parts of the dance show:
Traditional Mexico;
The story of Frida Kahlo;
Mexican telenovela.

During the breaks, a DJ will play, a photographer will stop your moments in Mexico and you will be invited to a Mexican bar to refresh yourself with cocktails.

The ticket price includes:
Welcome drink;
The most delicious Mexican cocktail;
Photos to the specified e-mail;
The most fun and lively dance etude program.

The duration of the event is 2 hours.

2023-02-14 19:00
30.00 Eur
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