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”The Hideaways of the Light”

A group of students of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, at the ARTerija gallery exhibition, let themselves be drawn into the cinematic game of air, light, drama and surreality. The works are as if “sown” in the windows of Jonas Mekos Skersvės shops, cafes and galleries and in a special space where the pop-up gallery “The Hideaways the of Light” is created.

Jonas Mekas said: “…I thought about the young generation of Vilnius, Lithuania – I am with you. You will change the city of Vilnius, you will come and change them all…”

The entire exposition of the exhibition vividly, through painting, scenography, glass, light installations, expresses a unique position, searches for its own light and shadow, reflection, vibration of its city, creative voice and tone.

Here you can discover new talents, meet creators and see what is important and what is significant in the light-searching gaze of an artist.

The scenography of the exhibition “The Hideaways of the Light” is bathed in the pink linens of the installation “Tail of the Draft” by artist Sije Verski (Holland), a guest of the Užupis Art Trail.

S. Verski’s style is sarcastic as the title of his exhibition in English also has a second meaning – “The tail of the sketch”.

Opening hours
Wednesday – Saturday 13-19

Austėja Azguridytė,
Edita Vieraitienė,
Emilija Šlepetytė,
Erminas Mikšys,
Gerda Ravenkienė,
Paula Mickutė,
Šalnė Balčiūnaitė,
Ugnė Mitigailaitė,
Urtė Lagunavičiūtė,
Valerija Bartaševič
(Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania)

SIJE VERSKI’s light art installation „The Tail of The Draft“ (Netherlands)

The exhibition is supported by Vilnius city municipality, Rusteika family foundation
The organizer of the exhibition is ARTerija Open Art Gallery
Designer Austėja Azguridytė
Curators: Julija Janus, Aleta Trepšytė

2023-11-03 - 2024-02-28
Free admission
Free Admission, Exhibitions
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