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Puppet and object performance for children ”Riddle(s)”

Aušra Bagočiūnaitė Paukštienė, a director and artist who seeks modernity in the oldest traditions and who represents the “artist’s theatre” and who is best known to the audience of the Lėlja Theatre for her performance Clouds, takes up the task of bringing back the riddles that have lost their relevance, using an attractive interactive form of a visual spectacle, symbols, and the wisdom of Lithuanian folk. The artist creates the performance through the prism of a sense of the beauty of nature and the world, play, paradox and the magic of everyday life.

We invite you to experience a mysterious world of riddles, interweaving Lithuanian folklore, mythology and its motifs, playfully presented in the language of metaphors and images. According to the director of the performance, A. Bagočiūnaitė Paukštienė, “the images are often fantastic, involving unexpected juxtapositions of phenomena and objects. These riddles posed by the actors will reveal the encoded worldview and wisdom of our ancestors. In ancient times, the ritual solving of riddles or proverbs could have been a game, a form of competition, a demonstration of wisdom and dexterity, but also a matter of life or death.

2023-02-05 14:00
9.00 Eur
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Performances, For children
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