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Performance “SOVIET MILK” with English surtitles

A one-act solo performance based on Nora Ikstena’s novel
“SOVIET MILK” (Mother’s Milk)

The performance will be presented in the Lithuanian language, with surtitles in English displayed above the stage.

Playwright, director and performer – Birutė Mar
Composer – Antanas Kučinskas
Set Designer – Indrė Pačėsaitė
Choreographer, assistant director – Sigita Mikalauskaitė
Video artist – Karolis Bratkauskas
Lighting designer – Audrius Jankauskas
Vocalist Virginija Skirmantė

The play “Soviet Milk” is based on the novel by the well-known contemporary Latvian writer Nora Ikstena. It is the story of a mother and daughter in Soviet Latvia during the period of 1969-1989 and the history of the country’s awakening from the Soviet stagnation to independence. Everything is very recognisable: the Soviet school, the suffocating ruthlessness of the system, the sense of impending freedom… When looking back to the not-so-distant past, it raises fundamental questions about the state and choices of our contemporary society.

Birute Mar plays two roles in the play – mother and daughter. The mother is a doctor, the daughter of an exile, who is deprived of everything by the Soviet authorities: not only her professional future and identity, but also the joy and meaning of life. Her daughter is the opposite of her mother, naturally full of life. This is a story about the emotional wall which a mother builds against her daughter – for love and protection. It is about resentment as salvation; about an environment where everything turns into poison – even breast milk.

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2023-06-20 19:00
Arts Printing HouseŠiltadaržio g. 6
15.00-20.00 Eur
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