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Live tropical butterflies exhibition

Live tropical butterfly exhibition is a wonderful place where time stands still and you just emmerse yourself into the magical life of a butterfly.

Here we have more than dozen species and more than 100 butterflies flying, sitting on the trees, sipping orange juice or just hiding from us all the time.

In this little wonderland in the middle of Vilnius we not only show the butterflies to You but also provide you with one of a kind experience getting to know them better – to see how they eat, how they hatch from the pupaes or cocoons or even hold them preciously in your hands. For lovely dates we also have a “zen” spot in the middle of exhibition for a short break and a cup of coffee.

We provide all our guests with guided tours in language of your preference: lithuanian, english, russian. Please may be advised for foreign languages ask tours in advance.

2023-04-24 - 2023-06-21
from 4.00 Eur
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