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Ettoja SQUARE OF LIFE exhibition at HUNGRY EYES illustration gallery

SQUARE OF LIFE is artist’s Ettoja exhibition, starting this year’s solo exhibitions series at HUNGRY EYES.
Featuring Ettoja’s latest risograph print works and zine, the exhibition in a square gallery space pauses and lays out a short story about existential drama of a modern man, covering themes of social critique, war and time. Combining elements of illustration, animation and comics, the square form is purified by rethinking the established metaphor of the circle of life and linking it to the linguistic narrative of thinking outside the box.
Ettoja is one of the most prominent illustrators and street-art creators in Lithuania. In his work, the artist touches upon social, ecological, environmental, urban and nature themes, and the principle of animated frames is often used in his works, as if he is trying to catch a moment, to withhold an object in time, bringing up the subject of the temporality and the fragility of a moment. The style of his works is characterized by bright colors and geometric shapes, while the graphic nature of the architectural drawings combined with playful plots create a sense of lively compositions. Ettoja’s work spans a wide range of genres, including illustration, animation, street art, graphic art and paintings. His craftsmanship reaches the streets in the form of large-scale murals in cities of Lithuania, Germany, UK and Italy. The artist’s portfolio includes clients such as Swedbank, Erasmus+, Lithuanian Sea Museum, Kaunas Municipality, Vilnius Municipality, Žalgiris, Vytautas, Telia, TransferGO, Lithuanian Post and others.

OPENING EVENT – 10th March 6pm
Tang (Live)
Artfcl (Live)
Lauwdegrieze (Analog Live)
Mavros Skylos
Artist – Ettoja
Curator – Staselė Jakunskaitė
Design – Goda Kairiūkštytė
Risography – Risografija – Nathanaël Roman, Cecilia Noiraud

Project is partly financed by Lithuanian Council of Culture
Exhibition Patreon – Kalba Plytos
Friends – Palanga Street Radio, Lithuanian Railways

00:00 - 00:00
HUNGRY EYES galleryPelesos st. 10.
Free admission
Free Admission, Exhibitions, Other
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