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Erika Povilonytė’s exhibition ‘Snake’s dream’

“A visible – or intuited line – catches sun. A snake dreams on the edge of a hot cliff. Her dream has neither beginning nor end, just circling, entangling and layering. All seems simple, familiar, innate, destined. Yet hardly there. Everything is just there.

Maybe the snake is going to wake up in a second and hide in a blue coolness of brush, and its dream will evaporate like morning fog. Or its slippery body will blend into a rough rock. The rock will absorb the glinting, leaving behind just its light shed skin like a present.

Meanwhile, just a fluttering waiting.

Just a moment filled with anticipation of self-creation or crumbling into pieces.” – Erika Povilonytė

Erika Povilonytė (b. 1997) is a Lithuanian artist currently based in France where she is part of a collective creative studio Les Ateliers La Volière in Dijon. The works by the artist created exclusively on paper have been featured by the group exhibitions in Lithuania as well as international events in Canada and France. In 2021, she earned her MA degree from the National Fine Arts School in Dijon and same year became a finalist of the Baltic Young Painter Prize. Her piece on paper Nudité II was included in the finalists’ exhibition hosted by the MO Museum and won a special Jury award for the subtlety of painting.

The opening night of the exhibition will be enriched with live balafon sounds. Gediminas Mačiulskis will play the African musical instrument balafon.

The exhibition is partially financed by the Vilnius City Municipality and the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

2023-04-06 18:00 - 2023-06-03
The Room galleryPolocko g. 17, Vilnius
Free admission
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