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CIRKULIACIJA: Sencirk (Senegal) “Ancrage”

With Ancrage, Modou Fata Touré offers a show full of humanity and deeply nourished by his native land, Senegal. On the stage, the commitment is total, oscillating between weight, tension and balance. The bodies confront and support each other, test and tame each other, to finally find their anchorage point. A new world is then invented, where nature and human beings merge, rooting themselves to each other and immersing us in a deep peace.
Creation and direction: Modou Fata Touré
Performers: Ibrahima Camara, Modou Fata Touré

2023-06-03 19:00
Arts Printing HouseŠiltadaržio g. 6
15.00 Eur
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