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Children’s performance ”The Adventures of Luna”

This fairy tale is about a little girl, Luna, who is stranded on a mysterious island. With no mummy or daddy around, she has to be brave to avoid being frightened by roaring lions and menacing hippos. She meets a kind-hearted sea urchin, cleverly escapes from the jaws of a terrifying shark, rescues cute and funny monkeys… Luné can do it all, she’s a real Robinson Crusoe!

“I’ve always loved stories about uninhabited islands, about impenetrable forests, about planets that are distant, dangerous, full of surprises and secrets. This story is one of them.” (Author R. Mikutis)

“This play is enchanting. When you don’t see the actor controlling the puppet, or the thread or the stick connecting him to the puppet, you start to believe in the reality of the characters. It’s like a spell. And where else can you experience it than in Puppet… (directed by A. Grybauskaitė)

Rokas Mikutis
Director: Almira Grybauskaitė
Director-educator: Algirdas Mikutis
Artist: Aušra Bagočiūnaitė Paukštienė
Composer: Faustas Latėnas



2023-01-28 14:00
8.00 Eur
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